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The Fairies and The Secret Garden

The Fairies and The Secret Garden

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                                         The Fairies and The Secret Garden

                                                         The Lost Map 

Three young fairies Oren, Fern and Willow must survive the winter alone after getting into trouble for eating so much chocolate and cake. They follow a map and lose it, only to be found by some children, who take up the adventure and are helped by some wildlife friends.  

The Fairies and the Secret Garden is a book full of adventure and magic! You as the reader will finish off this fantastical story by making your own map, placing it at the back of the book for your children to find and follow.

A red envelope is provided - From The Wise Old Tawny Owl - The Lost Map 

Sent by "Owl Postage" 

The Fairies and the Secret Garden was written using inspiration from pictures, while outdoors within nature. You can do the same, take pictures and create your own story!

I wrote my children’s fairy story for several reasons. To save Wildlife Habitat and Wildlife, to bring families and communities together.

As the author - I will gladly sign your copy on request.

16 Beautifully Illustrated Paintings 

Hollie - illustrator

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