My Story

My Story - Why I wrote a fairy story.

On the 15 December 2015, I sat in an area behind my property in a field. The landowners were going to carry works out on an ancient Hawthorn Tree approximately 100 years old. I told them that in Ireland they would be in trouble because they are known as the fairy tree. You get a wish from the fairies if you hang a ribbon in the tree for the fairies to make their clothes. I was somewhat ridiculed and laughed at. When they saw me, they laughed and called me names, about seeing fairies. No matter what, my aim was to protect the beautiful tree and the surrounding habitat.

On the 19 December 2015, I went into the area, which I had tended for over twenty years, to see that it had been destroyed, there were so many creatures dying. It was cold and drizzling with rain. I was so upset, I sat there for two hours.  I was very sad and after a couple of hours I said out loud, “dad what are we going to do with these foolish people” (he had died several years previous). The next few moments were amazing, me and my father had planted a hazel tree next to the hawthorn tree, thirty years ago and it lit up with the most beautiful orange lights, like it was on fire.

I stood up to get a picture and the light went out, I went in and told my family about the lights, and they said “dad, are you seeing fairies?” I said “don’t you start”, with a smile. 

On the 20 December 2015, I once again went into the area armed with a camera and sat there for another two hours, I was upset but wanted to show everyone it was real and to share my beautiful experience with everyone. However, after two hours of sitting in a cold and damp area that was shaded by trees, I decided it may never have happened and if it had in someway had been part of the sunset, it would not happen again. I got up to go, I was soaking wet and smiled at myself for being so foolish. However, as I was going through my gate out of the field into my garden, something bright and twinkling caught my eye. I turned and was absolutely delighted that the tree was lit up again and just as beautiful – it was a magical moment.

I got my pictures then went into the cemetery next to the field and walked down to the bottom of the cemetery. I could not believe my eyes over the village in the far distance was a very small blue area in the rainy black sky.  I could see a ray of light going over the village and through the dense trees of the cemetery and hitting the hazel. It was a wonderful experience never to be forgotten.

I received many more comments about seeing fairies so I decided to write a fairy story that would take something negative and make something positive. I once watched a squirrel opening a bird box and some lines in the snow where children had been sledging, a picture of the table where I play guitar and the secret garden gate. Consequently, I used the pictures to make my story

             You can do the same, go out take pictures and make your own stories.


You can compare the real pictures with the paintings in the book.